10 Reasons Clean Your Home Safely With A Baby IS REALLY A Waste Of Time

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Surviving through childbirth was hard enough but now you have to discover how to clean your home safely with a baby too. After the baby euphoria has begun to subside, you may look around and realize you have a significant mess around you. People could have given you tips on parenting but no-one probably told you how exactly to clean safely.

Wearing a baby sling can be quite a great accessory for you if you are attempting to clean. That is great for vacuuming, washing dishes and doing laundry. This is not safe to wear when working with any chemicals such as bathroom cleaning or mopping your floors.

Avoid using scented fabric softener with a fresh baby. Any laundry soap or fabric softener with perfumes or dyes can irritate your baby’s skin. If you can avoid any sort of cleaning products with stronger smells even better. Babies are a lot more sensitive to scents than we as adults are so never, ever use bleach. Don’t’ have even it in your house if possible. You can find enough cleaning products from companies like 7th Generation among others which are non-toxic and safer to use in your home around your child.

Whether your child is newborn or beginning to crawl it is very important make sure for those who have window treatments that have hanging strings or cords, they need to be tangled up. Babies can and also have been strangled in this manner so if you’re cleaning your windows or dusting blinds, be sure you hang these back up high.

When you’re dusting make sure to not have your child around. Dust particles can irritate your child. Some new moms are afraid to vacuum around their baby but in many cases the vacuum cleaner will actually put her or him to sleep.

If you’re going to be in one room for a prolonged period of time like washing dishes or folding laundry put your child in a car seat in the area. It’s safer to have your baby near you than in another room and they’ll be happier if they can see you.

Never cook while holding your baby or carry anything hot like tea or coffee. Your baby could squirm in your arms and get burnt. Also be sure to be positive that your baby has total neck control before putting her or him in a carrier. In the event that you question if something will harm your baby just don’t use it. It’s tough enough being a new parent but cleaning your house safely with a baby doesn’t have to be.